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What is a Parking & Refresher Course?

Systematic Refresher and Parking Courses are designed for holders of Full Licences who have not driven for some time and wish to get back onto the road safely.

Our patient and friendly Instructors have been fully trained to help you regain your driving skills and confidence.

Your Refresher Lessons will be tailored to your individual needs and be conducted with tact and understanding including Students who have parking problems.

The Importance of Refresher Course

Systematic are aware of the importance of Refresher Training Courses, nearly every Driver on the road could have developed bad habits without noticing.

The Refresher Course aim is to completely reassess your ability and behavior behind the wheel and offer a detailed report on areas you should consider for improvement.

How to book

To Book any of these Courses or for more information, please contact us on Tel: 07435 973359

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